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Pastor Jones
Pastor Steven St. Pierre

Pastor Steven was born into a Christian family.  At the age of five years old, he understood his position as a sinner and Christ as Lord and Saviour.  On May 28, 1984 he repented of his sin and put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ at their regular evening family devotions.  He has felt the call of God on his life to be in full time service and surrendered his life to that call on February 7, 1991. 

Steven was home-schooled by his parents for all but two years of his grade school.  After he graduated, his parents moved to Missouri to aid a struggling church where he began his college education under his pastor at the time.  Two years later, his dad felt the Lord leading him to start a new church in Maine and Steven went with him.  He taught a few college classes to the church members that wanted to attend, and so Steven continued his education.  In 2003, He traveled to Oklahoma where he attended church and there finished out his college education to get his bachelor’s degree.  Pastor Steven's personal interest at the time was in foreign missions, so he made that his major.  Steven graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Missions diploma.  He was ordained to preach by his previous Pastor in Oklahoma on May 11, 2007.

Steven was married shortly after he graduated.  His wife's name is Natalie.  Together they have 7 children.  Their children's names and ages are as follows - Nathan - 8, Lydia - 7, Malachi - 5, Emily - 4, Uriah - 3, Caitlynn 2, and Andrew 1. 

On November 25th, 2015 Brooking Heights Baptist Church called Steven St. Pierre as their Pastor. He has since moved back to Missouri and is now in position leading our church for God's glory.

Steven St. Pierre

Previous Pastor Steve Jones "Retired"

Stephen and Evelyn Jones have been at Brooking Heights BaptistPastor Steve And His Wife Evelyn Church since 1994 when the church called Stephen as Pastor. During these last 21 years much has been accomplished and the church is a stable influence in the community of Raytown, Missouri. He has recently retired as the Pastor. Now he serves in the church and preaches were ever requested.

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